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We are committed to our membership and we have partnered with other stakeholders to bring you a variety
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CUNA Caribbean Insurance

Family Indemnity Plan

The Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) provides a cash benefit in the event of death of a member. The FIP offers financial comfort during this difficult time, and provides for a total of up to six (6) eligible family members’ to be insured at any one time. This plan is also supported by the TTFSCU, who grants protection for that member’s loans and savings.

Massy United Insurance

Massy United Insurance
General Insurance

Specialist Insurance Brokers Limited are brokers that provide General Insurance via Massy Insurance, allowing TTFSCU members to access general insurance for vehicles, homes, boats etc.

Unit Trust Corporation

Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust

The TTFSCU is proud to be an agent for the Unit Trust.

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